Pasi Pieskä

I am model -84 type traveller from Finnish Lapland and my annual routine contains surely some travelling but also writing, hunting, fishing and berry picking. Sure there has to some work done too to get some money and a job as a seasonal taxi driver have worked for me.

My first touch on Nampa and finally to Nampa-Travelling happened when I was about 7-years old. That was the time when I moved to small village of Nampa Finland with my family. I took my first 4 school years in the elementery school of Nampa and after that we had to move to another area, but for some reason "Nampa" didn't come off from me anymore. Every single school holidays and later work vacations I spent in my old home village with my old friends. Later, I have lived in Nampa many times and even that I am not living there anymore, I spend significant amount of time there still.

By my own examble I want to point out that dreams can come true, even if they feel really far fetched. So find your inner Nampa Traveller and hit the road Jack!