So what is this Nampa-Travelling thing all about?

Shortly, it's a travelling lifestyle where one "picks a star from the sky" and starts following it, meaning in this concept that a name of a place which is important to oneself. In my case, that is "Nampa".

Nampa is a small neighbourhood North from the city of Rovaniemi, in Lapland, Finland. I have lived there several times, when beeing a child but also as adult. I consider Nampa to be very important to me, as a place to be as much as a lifestyle.

When beeing just a kid I heard first rumors that there is also Nampa in big old America and back in 2012 I made my dream come true when I travelled for first time. Later on I have visited Nampa Idaho number of times, because I now have a good friend from there.

At some point I found out that there is also place called Nampa in Alberta, Canada. So, my way took me also there when I was travelling across North-America in 2016.

One year from that, completely by accident, came to my knoledge that Nampa is also found from remote rural Asian area in Myanmar, former Burma.

Now I know that there is also Mountain of Nampa in Himalayas, in the country of Nepal. And for sure, I am going there as well at some point.

As you can see, my long term plan is to visit in every single Nampa in the world, no matter if they are towns, montains or businesses. Eventough visiting Nampas plays a small role in my travels, it's still a kind of like a pathfinder to me. And if nothing else, it sure has been lot's of fun!

So go ahead and choose your own star and start creating your own path! Be the Nampa Traveller of your own life!